Musical Chairs Activity
Musical chairs activity

Musical Chairs Activity

Musical chairs basic instructions:

  • Start with chairs in an outward-facing circle, which has one chair less than the number of participants.
  • Everyone stands near a chair. Of course, one chair will have two people by it.
  • Start the music. The players circle around the chairs, anticipating the music's sudden stop, when they must quickly sit in an empty chair before someone else does.
  • The person left standing leaves the game, a chair is removed, and the game goes on until there is one person standing and one person (the winner!) sitting.
  • Although this is often thought of as a children's game, it's lots of fun for adults, too!

Party theme-related ideas:

  • As each person leaves the game, they get to reach into a grab bag for a wrapped, theme-related consolation prize (plastic cowboys and horses, dinosaurs, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.)
  • The winner gets a larger theme-related prize, such as a cap pistol, music cd, pineapple cup, etc.

Party theme-related music cds:

50's Music (for a 50's party)
American Idol CDs (for American Idol parties)
Anniversary Music - by the decade (for Anniversary celebrations)
Baby Shower Music, Lullabies, and Baby Music (for a Baby Shower)
Christmas CDs (for a Christmas party)
Dinosaur Music CDs (for a Dinosaur party)
Elvis Presley Music (for an Elvis party)
Fiesta and Salsa Music (for Fiesta/Cinco de Mayo parties)
Graduation Music CDs (for Graduation celebrations)
Hannah Montana CDs (for a Hannah Montana party)
Halloween Music and Sounds (for a Halloween party)
High School Musical CDs (for High School Musical theme party)
Hollywood Soundtracks (for a Hollywood party)
Luau/Hawaiian CDs (for a Luau)
Pokemon Music (for a Pokemon theme party)
Pool/Beach Music (for a Pool Party) (Only play this game at a pool party if you have a grassy area a safe distance from the pool!)
Princess Music (for a Princess party)
Spider-Man Music (for Spider-Man parties)
Wedding Music (for Wedding parties)
Western Music (for a Western theme party)

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