Dinosaur Invitation
Dinosaur Footprint Invitation Template

Dinosaur Footprint Invitation Template
dinosaur party invitation idea dinosaur party invitation sampledinosaur party invitation sample image
Sample images of ways to use the dinosaur invitation template.

Dinosaurs Party SuppliesHaving a dinosaur party? (Get partyware and ideas.) Use our dinosaur footprint template to make your own invitations!

  • Open the template in a graphics program. It's in jpg format, so most programs can handle it.
  • Add your text to the front of the invitations. (Or you can write them by hand after printing the outlines.)
  • The template image will fit on an 8.5 x 11" page, with built-in margins, at a resolution of 300ppi.
  • Set your printer to landscape mode and print on green card stock. Or if you do your invitations like the third sample above, rotate the template 90 degrees counterclockwise and print in portrait mode.
  • Cut out each image.
  • Write party info on the back.


  • If you want to try to print the info on the back, too, flip the template image so it mirrors the front. Print a front and back to make sure they will line up correctly by stacking the sheets and holding them up to a light so you can see through the pages. Once you have them set, add your text and print. Run a test copy of one invitation to make sure when you print the back side of the card stock it isn't printing upside down or a mirror image!
  • A simpler method would be to print the info for the back using the template, then write the info on the front by hand. This avoids 2-sided printing, lining up the images, etc.
  • These invitations are sized to fit in 4 3/8" x 5 3/4" invitation envelopes.