Bowling Pin Graphic
Bowling Pin Graphic

Bowling Pin Graphic

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Here's a bowling pin graphic you can print for a bowling party decoration. You could also use it for a bowling party invitation.

Click on the bowling pin to get the full size image. Then right click on the larger image and save to your computer.

bowling pin graphic image
This graphic is set to print on an 8.5 x11" sheet of paper at 200ppi.
It can be used alone, or in a set of ten for decorations. As a set, it can be used for a game of Pin the Bowling Ball on the Pins.

Tips: Printing on white card stock will make a sturdier printout. Alternatively you can print on regular printer paper, then cut out and glue onto a piece of poster board. (If you're going to cut out the poster board for a single decoration, just do a rough cut on the paper printout, glue, then do the outline cut. We recommend using a glue stick to prevent wrinkling that can be caused by using a wet glue.